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Click on any of these phrases to know what we noted about them in our blogs at one time or the other. I am sure it will enhance your understanding of it and also reinforce what you have learnt or studied.

FDI in cable TV

Damocle's Sword

Hiding behind the poor

Uranium Mining

Aquarian Gospel

Ashok Lahiri Committee

International Organization of Securities Commissions

Good Manufacturing Practices

The Mexican Bull

Bound rates in WTO parlance

Indo US differences on WTO

National Electricity Fund

Titanium Toothbrush

White Holes

Currency Futures

Janata Depositors Scheme

13th Finance Commission

Bunchy Top Disease

Excise Duty on Petroleum Goods

Unified Communication Software

Secured Credit Cards

PM's Russian visit

Pakistan in C'Wealth

Credit Transfer Scheme

Toxics in Chinese made toys

Open Skies Policy

Mission Indivelop


Noriako Kano

Product Development Model

Ground Handling Policy

Ground Handling Work

About Polo

Bungee Jumping

Last Supper

Bhutan's GNH Model

Diff. btn Turtles N Tortoises

2nd Asian

Route Dispersal Guidelines

Codex Standards

Gone with the Wind

Blue City

Duty-free industry’s problems

Pacific Ring of Fire

Reusable Launch Vehicles

Chandrayaan I

Alligators & Crocodiles

Combination Drugs

Gulf Immigrant Strike

Rowling's Latest

National Food Security Mission

World Toilet Summit

Programmable Metallization Cell

Dinosaur Extinction


Market Risk

Herfindahl Hirschman Index


Paul Tibbets

Sterilization Tax

Sovereign Wealth Funds

India's Nuclear Power

Deficiencies in MFI bill

Biodynamic coffee

Nisar Trophy

Credit Blowout

National Investment Fund

Jalaluddin Rumi

Forex Trading Figures

About India's Poor

Dryland Farming


Mona Lisa

Pascal Cotte

Leonardo Da Vinci

Estae Duty in India


Genes for ageing

Bunny Festival

African Leadership Prize

Mo Ibrahim

Joaquim Chissano

Formula One Champion 2007

Intelligent Web Content

Nobel for Philanthrophy

Formula One Scandal

OTC Medicines

World Osteoporosis Day

HPV Test

In-situ combustion technology

Coping with Stress

International Year of Potato

Kaleen Certificate

About Derivatives Markets

Civil Aviation Requirements

Indian Petrochem Sector

Indian Carpet Industry


Citizen Kane

Single-serve Packages

Avsari Khurd

Nobel for Economics

Mechanism Design Theory

QIP Norms

Denotified Tribes

Air Alliances

Ethanol Doping

Negative Amortization

Securitization Problems

Cyber Squatting


Fair Value Accounting

Valentino Rossi

Nicky Hayden

Special Olympics

Fifth Generation Aircraft

Drew Gilpen Faust

Military World Games

Wheat production figures

Nobel Peace Prize

PSU Profits

Nobel for Literature

Ramachandran Committee

World Standards Day

Oil Bonds

Non Deliverable Forwards


Surface Chemistry

Nobel for Chemistry


Floor Test case

Staggered Hiring

Private Luxury Trains

Civic Sense

Participatory Note

Private Banking

IT Investment Regions

Vidyut Vikas Patra

Kisan Vikas Patra

Financial Inclusion Committee

Responsible Tourism

NPA Levels in Banks

Alaska Purchase

Nobel for Physics

Content Policing
SEZ Policy Changes

R&R Policy

Medicine Nobel Prize

Gene Targeting

Albert Laskar Award

Stabilization Fund

Sovereign Wealth Fund

Rangarajan Committee
Ethical Investing
Internet Usage Statistics

Anita Roddick

Front Running

Stem Cells

Credit Counselling

Rudyard Kipling

Stirling Prize

Three Mile Island incident

CARS Offer

Lame Duck

Slam Dunk

PMT Fields

Additional Judges

Marion Jones

EEFC Account

Chiang Mai Initiative

Proposed Social Security Measures

Auto Shankar Case

Carry Trade

Powder Factor

PIPE deals

MSS explained

Reserve Currency

Creative Destruction

Ig Nobel Awards

Walter Bagehot

Bharat Nirman Programme

Dutch Auction

Media Audit

Auction Types

Gini Coefficient

Core Inflation & Headline Inflation

GDP Composition
Impossible Trinity

Private Label

Tsundur Case

Operation Banner



Chotan Shukla

Ibrahim Gambari

Timing the Market

Remorse Buying

Ramanujan Prize

Irani Cup

Osmotic Power

Fund of Funds

Cross site Request Forgery

International Coffee Organization

International Coffee Council

Goverdhan Mehta

Chemical Weapons Convention

Biological Weapons Convention

Chief of Army Staff

Ashok Chawla Committee

DEPB Scheme

Chernobyl Accident

Duty Drawback Scheme

Dwell Time

Sovereign Funds

General Aviation

Opium Trade

Darfur Crisis

Bonus Stripping

Money Laundering

RRBs - How constituted?




Minus One Placement

Slot Zero Placement

Alcan Prize

Open Skies Agreement

Indira Gandhi Award

Forex Market

Banda-Chelva Pact

Economy's Fundamentals

Sounding Rockets


Satellite Navigation


Aung San Suu Kyi


Flag Code

World Non Violence Day

Para IV filings

Decoupling theory

Capital Account Convertibility



Close-ended mutual funds

Open-ended mutual funds

Twenty20 Cricket

Milton Friedman


Real GDP

Nominal GDP


Type I Diabetes

Type II Diabetes

Magna Carta







Orange Revolution

Diary Method

DAR Method


Dividend Stripping

Pune Pact

Bluetongue Disease


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