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30 Mar 08, 00:04

shazya: how did u.s. trade deficit fuel growt of other economies ?

26 Mar 08, 11:57

sri: could u pl answer me the link between inflation and parallel economy

26 Mar 08, 11:22

suresh: @Shreya PK: satellite TV and internet connected them to the world to compete, at the time cultural attacking was going on successfully

26 Mar 08, 07:02

suresh: I don't think pay commission award is election gimmick, its time bound for every 10 years, the pay scale rise should have been more to attract best talent for GOvernment service

24 Mar 08, 23:58

Shreya PK: i meant ' globalisation' . sorry for the spelling mistake

24 Mar 08, 23:57

Shreya PK: Dear Sir, Could you provide information on how glabalisation is effecting our indian villages- its values and cultural ethos?

24 Mar 08, 23:11

cvrk: Second: you have a caring government. care for its employees. Sure and definite way to the vote bank!

24 Mar 08, 23:10

cvrk: 1. The IT collections will swell. thanks to the limitation of savings under 80C.

24 Mar 08, 23:09

cvrk: Once again, looking at results of the possible pay hike:

24 Mar 08, 23:08

cvrk: when the press raised the issue of writing off badloans to 60k crores, as an election gimmick, why not this release of commission report be considered as election gimmick?

24 Mar 08, 23:07

cvrk: pay commission report and rumours galore. just a thought. Is it mandatory for the government to accept the recommnedtions?

24 Mar 08, 15:02

Palak: instead of 2009, sorry

24 Mar 08, 15:01

Palak: Sir, Please change the title of todays post. It should be 2008 instead of 2008. Sorry for pointing a trivial issue

24 Mar 08, 13:16

ramkyc: @cvrk: Acknowledged.

23 Mar 08, 19:23

cvrk: @ramkyc: the comments were mine. Rajesh, all the best.

23 Mar 08, 07:20

ramkyc: Don't try to bluff your way through. Say that you don't know honestly.

23 Mar 08, 07:20

ramkyc: @Rajesh: Normally interviews for such posts will center around factual knowledge. I second the opinion given below. Be confident. Don't lose your nerve. If you don't know an answer, say so. ...

22 Mar 08, 21:29

@rajesh: be pleasant in your appearance. It is better if you know about the schemes of SBI. Be honest in your answers. Relax and that is the first step towards a best interview.

22 Mar 08, 18:42

rajesh: i have interview on sbi clerk post

22 Mar 08, 18:41

rajesh: i have interview on i have some doubts regaurding the interview

22 Mar 08, 18:39

rajesh: hi good evening 2 all

22 Mar 08, 16:03

suresh: all the best Smarak, wishing you all success in the interview

22 Mar 08, 15:54

ramkyc: cvrk: Thanks a lot for the explanation on MBS. Very well presented.

22 Mar 08, 14:17

ramkyc: Hi ALL: Say a big congrats to Smarak. He is appearing for the interview. God bless him.

22 Mar 08, 12:46

suresh: may we know your blogs?

22 Mar 08, 12:41

Smarak: Sir, my hobbies are blogging and web designing... what all questions can be asked from these in interview?

21 Mar 08, 20:58

cvrk: crisis.

21 Mar 08, 20:58

cvrk: Thus it was a good opportunity for unfortunate but well intended commercial entities to achieve the revival path. But it was more used as leveraging instrument and that is the reason for the present c

21 Mar 08, 20:56

cvrk: one of the major advantage of the MBS is that the rating of the MBS is independant of the owner. It enabled a weak owner to leverage on their good assets.

21 Mar 08, 20:54

cvrk: the advantage of MBS has created more opportunties. As usual with all good thinngs in life, it has been more misused than used.