Clearing Corporation of India Limited
It is the clearing and settlemtn body for all transactions in government securities and foreign currency.

FDI inflows and outlows
FDI inflows into India are 81% higher than the amount foreign portfolio investors have brought since January this year.
Outbound FDI is much higher than FDI inflows. For FY06, while inflows amounted to $5.5 bn, FDI outflows were at $7 bn.

Mandal Commission and reservation for OBCs
The Mandal Commission that looked into the issue of extending reservation for OBCs has based its recommendations on the 1931 census to make out a case for reserving 27% of the seats in government jobs and educational institutions.
Round 2003 of the NSS (National Sample Survey) states that non-Muslim OBCs comprised a mere 23% of the total population.

Indian spices production
The Spices Board is mulling a retail foray. The total spices retail market is estimated to be at Rs. 8000 cr.
India is the leading producer of several spices
Red Chilli (6.25 to 6.5 lk tonnes)
Pepper; we are facing lot of competition from Vietnam
Cardamom (12,500 tonnes)
Turmeric (6 to 7 lk tonnes); Exports about 50,000 tonnes

Power generation in India
Total power generation in India is pegged at 16.5 bn kwh as compared to 39.1 bn kwh in China and 740 bn kwh in the US.

The easiest places in the world to business – Singapore, New Zealand, US, Hong Kong and the UK.

China’s overseas trade
Is expected to touch $400 bn by 2010. Currently it is at $158.2 bn in FY05.

Economic revival in Europe puts heart into Asian exporters
Europe’s economy grew at an annualized rate of 3.6% in the second quarter.
The EU accounts for about 21% of India’s total exports in 2005
The US accounted for about 16% of India’s total exports in 2005
The rest of Asia excluding Japan about 26%.