What is an undefined NaN?

When you search for a word or phrase in the Google Search Box provided on the blog (currently at the top of the left bar) you might experience a result which shows the result as "undefined NaN". For eg., if you search for the word "contango" you get the following result:

What does this "undefined NaN" mean? Is there something wrong?

There is nothing wrong with the message. What it simply means is that the word or phrase you are searching for is not found in the blog. Know this much and go ahead with other words or phrases that you would like to search. The search results will be perfectly fine.

Do please note that there are three tabs that are there in a search result page: "This blog", "Links" and "The Web". Hope they are easily comprehensible. The word or phrase that are you searching for will be looked for in this blog, as well as the linked sites given in this blog and also in the web. The results are sorted by the tabs.

Any limitations of the search box are those of Google; not from me. I simply used a plug and play search gadget given by Google in draft version.

I am prompted to write this because some of you raised the issue with me.