• Coca-Cola university in India?
    • After Kellog’s successful partnership with ISB, Hyderabad, Coke is thinking of coming up with a retail university in India.
  • Reservations conundrum
    • I have been noting for quite some time that the reservation genie is out of the bottle. Today’s papers have quite a few interesting ideas on this issue.
    • Don’t forget to read the piece written by Mythili Bhusnurmath. Had I been asked to write something on the reservation issue, I would not have written anything much different from what she has written today. Take a look at it here.
    • Then today’s Times of India also has couple of pieces on this issue in page 13. Do take a look at them. They will give you lot of stuff to think through and formulate your own position on the issue.
    • But one suggestion that has cropped up from time to time and which again found articulation this time round is proportional representation in elections as a means of trying a wholesale revamp of our democratic polity. Noted something about it in today’s Discover It blog. Take a look at here.
  • What is breeding by design?
    • SA Patil, Director of IARI (Indian Agricultural Research Institute) says that breeding by design will help in better expression of characterisitics in hybrids. This is more advanced and secure than conventional method of developing hybrids.
    • Breeding by design provides plant breeders effective means of transferring the characteristics from one organism to another.
  • Specialty of Chandigarh
    • It becomes the first city in the country to become smoke-free from July 1. It will have designated smoking areas at all public places and buildings to ensure that smoking is restricted and general public is not forced to passively inhale smoke.
  • G8 summit and ‘Heiligendamm Process’
    • Every summit should have some declaration or outcome know? Heligendamm Process is this G8 summit’s output.
    • The G8 leaders have agreed to address the issues of enhancing freedom of investment and investment conditions, including corporate social responsibility, promotion and protection of innovation, defining common responsibilities for development and sharing knowledge for improving energy efficiency and technology cooperation with the aim of contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Online content generated in 2006
    • It was 161 exabytes. How much is it?
      • 1 exabyte = 1000 petabytes
      • 1 petabyte = 1000 terabytes
      • 1 terabyte = 1000 gigabytes
      • 1 gigabyte = 1000 megabytes
    • Actually the 1000’s before are approximations. It is 1024 to be precise. Can I expect the opinion of techies amongst you on this?
  • What is leveraged trading?
    • Borrowing money to trade in shares.
  • Have appetite for knowing more about Brent and WTI crude markets?
    • Read today’s ET article in page 7.
    • But an interesting snippet as to how the name “Brent” came into use. It comes from the naming policy of Shell Oil, which originally named all its oil fields after birds (in this case Brent Goose). It also refers to the formation of layers – Broom, Rannoch, Etive, Ness and Tarbert, which are named after the nearby Shetland Islands.
  • What is investment banking?
    • From today’s TOI. It involves structuring financial transactions for private and public companies into developed and emerging markets. Investment bankers identify capital opportunities, negotiate and structure deals, and execute private and public financial transactions. The essential function of an investment bank is to act as an intermediary between potential investors and those who seek capital. Investors include individuals, mutual funds, municipalities, public corporations, and private institutions.
  • Wrestling
    • Jagminder Singh is the Chief Coach of the Indian wrestling team.
    • Dalip Singh is a noted wrestler.
    • What is an Akhara? Traditional wrestling school.
  • Tennis at Roland Garros
    • Watched yesterday’s final between Ana Ivanovic and Justin Henin?
    • Henin went on to bag the fourth French Open and the third in a row, equaling Monica Seles’ record. There simply is no effective answer to this athlete on clay. Ana’s inexperience clearly showed. She proved no match for the athletic and seasoned Justin Henin.
    • Don’t forget to watch today’s finals between the two powerhouses – Nadal and Federer. It will be a match worth watching because Federer has of late been showing that he can master clay also. Let’s wait and see.

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venkat said...

yes..u r correct sir.

in computer science...2 power 10 = 1024 is
kilobyte instead of 1000.

2 power 20 is megabyte ~= 10 power 6

2 power 30 is gigabyte approximately equal to 10 power 9....