• ‘Bollywood’ trademark granted to Disney Enterprises Inc
    • By the Indian Trademarks Registry.
  • Global oil gluttons!!
    • US, China, Japan and Korea account for 45% of global oil consumption.
  • Social imbalances in US
    • While African-Americans account for 13% of the US population, they hold just 8% of the board seats at the nation’s publicly traded companies.
  • Indian Railways is the biggest land owner in India
    • With about 4,23,000 hectares in its possession. This holding is three times as much as Queen Elizabeth’s landed properties.
  • India’s poor performance at Doha Asiad
    • 45 countries participated. 39 sports, 46 disciplines and 424 events were there in this version of the Asiad.
    • India won just 10 gold, while China with 165 golds was the topper.
  • Type I diabetes
    • It is an autoimmune disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. About 10% of all diabetes cases are of this type.
    • It arises when certain cells responsible for insulin production become inflamed and are ultimately destroyed, making it impossible fro the body to produce insulin.