Home video market
The Indian organized home video market is pegged at Rs. 300 cr.

Indian wine market
The market is pegged at 5 mln bottles a year, which is the equivalent of some 200 people sharing one bottle.

Wine accounts for less than 1% of India’s $1.8 bn alcoholic drinks market.

Wine market is growing at 25-30% a year, nearly three times faster than beer, whisky or rum.

Biotech business
Revenue from the world’s publicly traded biotech firms grew 18% in 2005 reaching an all time high of $63.1 bn

Indian IT market
The domestic IT market is currently pegged at around $5 bn and growing at a CAGR of 19%.

Indian agriculture
For modernizing the Indian agricultural marketing infrastructure an estimated outlay of about Rs. 70,000 is needed.

Gold consumption
Indians have bought 43% of the gold coins and small bars sold worldwide during Q2 of 2006.
Demand for jewellery in India fell by 43% due to high prices.

World video gaming industry
Annual estimated turnover is in excess of $25 bn. It is more than Hollywood’s revenues.