ATF (Aviation Turbine Fuel) prices reduced by 8%
ATF costs constitute about 45% for low cost carriers and 35% for full service carriers

Oil companies fix these prices every month, based on the average international prices in the preceding one month period.

The average reduction in ATF prices is around Rs. 3700 per KL (Kilo Litre)

Amitabh Bachchan is the Box Office collection topper
He delivered the maximum box office collections worth Rs. 1300 cr for films between 1940 and 2006, according to a study based on Bollywood trade estimates.

Next comes Dilip Kumar (Rs. 1000 cr) and Shahrukh Khan (Rs. 900 cr.)

The highest ever price for Indian art
Rs. 6.9 cr (in 2005) for ‘Mahishasura’ of Tyeb Mehta

Pressure cooker inventor
Denis Papin of France is credited with the invention of Pressure Cooker in 17th century.
It was such a high pressure device that bones of calf cooked in it were reportedly reduced to jelly.

Gold sales in India
The number of women in India who are potential buyers of gold has grown from 25 mln in 2002 to 32 mln in 2005, according the estimates made by WGC (World Gold Council).

Out of the total gold consumption of Rs. 60,000 cr to Rs. 65,000 cr in India, it is estimated that nearly 90% is for jewellery and about 10% is for investment purpose.

The starting of Satyagraha by Gandhi
It was his being pushed out of a running train in Peitermaritzburg (1906) in South Africa that prompted Gandhi to launch his new concept of ‘Satyagraha’, a non-violent resistance movement.

Indian Railways’ no frills venture for passenger trains
The Government is planning to convert all non-AC trains into no-frills AC trains over a period of 10 to 15 years. At present India has about 45000 non-AC coaches.

70,000 passengers use the AC trains in India every day, registering an occupancy rate of 70%. In contrast, the non-AC passengers are 700,000 per day which results in a loss of Rs. 1,800 cr per annum to the railways.

The typical life span of a railway coach is 15 years. Railways has a capacity to produce about 3000 coaches per annum.

Indian tourism figures
Domestic tourism
In 2003 (309 mln)
In 2004 (368 mln)
In 2005 expected to cross 500 mln.

It is significant to note that of the 368 mln in 2004, 150 mln only were from the urban areas while the remaining 218 mln were from rural areas.

This is largely attributed to religious tourism which is growing at 25% per annum.

Cricket economy
Total size of the global cricket economy is pegged at Rs. 3,200 cr. It is estimated to touch Rs. 5,500 cr in 2010. Of this the Indian economy of cricket is pegged at Rs. 1000 cr.

Cricket manages to reach around 300 mln people and is the most advertiser-friendly game with natural breaks in between overs.

The total ad spend in the country is pegged at Rs. 13,000 cr and cricket alone accounts for Rs. 600 cr.

Packer Series
Spurned by the Australian Cricket Board, Kerry Packer started the World Series of Cricket in 1977.

This introduced coloured clothing, white cricket balls, night cricket into the game.

From 1981 petro dollars started pouring into the game with Abdur Rehman Bukhatir, the Amir of Sharjah starting the Sharjah tournament.

Indian publishing industry
Is estimated to be worth Rs. 7,500 cr of which Rs. 460 cr comprise exports.

There are estimated to be more than 15000 publishers and more than 75,000 books in 30 languages.