• Mind blowing money for IPL players!!
    • Dhoni was bid for $1.5 mn in the IPL auctions. The 8 franchisees bid for a total of 77 players to build their teams. All the players have changed hands for a total of $37.63 mn!
    • What a record money? Feeling dizzy? Not knowing what is this all about?
    • Get a lowdown on that at page 4 in today’s ET. I couldn’t get a web link for it in spite of my best efforts. Didn’t post the image from ET for fear of copyright violations. You try this link here.
  • Telecom companies may share all infrastructure
    • Remember anything about the active and passive infrastructure sharing among telecos? Now the DoT has approved TRAI’s recommendation to allow service providers to share active infrastructure.
    • As of now, Indian telecom companies are permitted to share only passive infrastructure. This includes things like towers, repeaters, shelters and generators.
    • Active infrastructure includes key electronic components like antennas, feeder cables, nodes, radio access network and transmission systems – everything except spectrum.
  • Amaresh Bagchi is no more
    • One of the giants in the economic and finance scene in the country, Dr. Amaresh Bagchi breathed his last yesterday.
    • He was Professor Emeritus at the NIPFP (National Institute of Public Finance and Policy).
    • He was also a member of the MM Punchi committee on Centre-State relations.
  • What’s wrong with our coal strategy?
    • Why should we worry about it now?
    • International coal prices have touched a high of $140 per tonne. It is expected that long term coal contracts will be entered into by our country with international suppliers (Australia and South Africa) at about $110 per tonne. You know this is against just $55.6 per tonne that was contracted for last year.
    • Remember what happened to the international prices of wheat when we started importing a few million tonnes of wheat for our food security? I think a repeat is happening on the coal scene also in view of the huge requirement related to the UMPP (Ultra Mega Power Projects).
    • So what is the solution? Look at some suggestions given in today’s ET editorial here. Can you formulate your own take on the subject?
  • Fighting till the last man
    • Ever heard this phrase? There is an interesting story exemplifying this that appeared in today’s ET. I give below an excerpt:
    • The Alamo was the mission-fort in San Antonio, Texas, whose defenders fought till the last man before they were overrun by the Mexican army led by General Santa Anna. A garrison of around 180 American settlers and Tejanos — Mexicans living in Texas — refused to surrender to an attacking army of over 6,000 soldiers armed with 20 cannons. The garrison’s heroics inspired other settlers led by Sam Houston to take on and defeat Santa Anna’s army 46 days later under the clarion call of “Remember the Alamo”.
    • The Alamo has become a symbol of people who give their lives for a cause and inspire others to fight on and win. Texas declared its independence from Mexico in 1836 and joined the US in 1845.
  • Our budget glossary keeps on expanding.
    • I ain’t complaining. Do you? Download it from here.
  • Amirta karaisal
    • I am sure you all have heard about the need for appropriate technologies one time or the other. Ever heard of this Amirta karaisal? This is indigenously prepared organic manure that can control pests and also increase the yield. And it costs just Rs. 5 to 8 per acre!!
    • You must read this full article on this at least once. It is an eye opener. Do so here.
  • Why are countries like China, India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan watching with concern the developments related to the unilateral declaration of independence by Kosovo?
    • Recognition of Kosovo by the international community can be a precedent setting event. The separatist outfits operating out of all these countries can also possibly resort to unilateral declarations of independence. That is the worry.
    • But one key difference between Kosovo and others is that it is actually an international protectorate within a sovereign state viz., Serbia.
  • Sunil Gangopadhyay
    • He is elected as the Sahitya Akademi President for five years.
    • He succeeds Gopi Chand Narang.

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