• A very good debate on reducing tobacco cultivation
    • I know all of you can come out with solid reasons for banning tobacco or cigarettes. But can you come up with a convincing reason for defending tobacco cultivation?
    • You will find some solid reasons here. I couldn’t condense it for our purpose. I found it very useful academically. It is just about 350 words.
    • Incidentally tobacco is the most important cash crop in my native district. I agree with the reasoning given in the above cited article.
  • Internet usage in India
    • We have been frequently noting about this subject in our blogs. Some update on this.
    • There are close to 4.6 mn internet users banking online today.
    • The number of users paying bills online is expected to be around 1.8 mn in 2007-08.
    • E-commerce transactions are estimated to have crossed the Rs. 2000 crore mark in 2006-07.
  • Look at how China lords over the US apparel market!!
    • US imports about $74 bn worth of apparels a year.
    • Of this China’s share is $22.74 bn, while India’s is $3.16 bn.
  • Can you specify an encouragement given by IRDA (Insurance Regulatory Development Authority) for the infrastructure sector?
    • Funding for the infrastructure sector is being talked about day in and day out in the papers; isn’t it? What can IRDA do to help ensure funding for the sector?
    • What it has done is redefine the word infrastructure to include all telecom services, construction of educational institutions, hospitals and projects relating to agro-processing and supply of inputs to agriculture. It is thus brought in sync with RBI’s definition and has widened the scope for infrastructure financing by insurance companies.
    • This measure is expected to help policy holders diversify their exposure and earn higher returns.
    • Currently, insurers can invest not less than 10% of their portfolio in infrastructure, subject to exposure norms. At present housing is not included in this definition; but there is a separate category for this. The norm stipulates that insurers can invest not less than 5% of their portfolio in housing sector.
    • IRDA has widened the definition of infrastructure based on the Deepak Parekh committee’s recommendations.
  • Some ideas on reforming the legal profession in India
    • NR Madhava Menon has written a beautiful piece in today’s Hindu on this subject. Take a look at it here. Worth a read and remembrance.
    • What is the context in which this reform agenda gains importance?
    • The Transparency International Report of 2007 has placed Indian judiciary as the most corrupt institution in the country and concluded that 77% of corruption in the judicial system has been lawyer-driven.
    • With unprecedented changes induced by technology and globalisation, all professions are forced to re-think their methods of management and delivery of services. Accountability systems are being made more transparent and participatory with the object of controlling commercialisation and improving the quality of services. Even the code of ethics and methods of disciplining erring members are being reworked across professions.
  • Chairman of NACIL?
    • Viswapati Trivedi.
    • NACIL: National Aviation Company of India Limited. The merged entity of Indian and Air India.


Fatty said...

Hey man.. the NACIL Chairman is changed to Mr. V Thulasidas. Vishvapati Trivedi is the JMD now.

There is an article today as well in ET.

ramkyc said...

Sure agree with you fatty. The Hindu reported so. Yes, the selection is still under way. It will take some time more for us to know who actually makes it.