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I came across this site today by chance. Being what we are – current affairs freaks, I was pleasantly surprised to see this site giving us lot of useful stuff at one place. Its tag line India Hyper Agreegated! means that all the news and information happening in the real time about or in India is aggregated at one place in real time and presented to the users in a simple and easy to use interface.

As we have started to cover “The Hindu” in addition to “Economic Times” everyday and “Times of India” on Sundays, it was a pleasant surprise to see most of what we have been researching about and noting available at one place in this site.

Many of us don’t know what a Web 2.0 is. Take a look at it; we will at least get to know what cool features it can offer:

  1. The site is amazingly fast.
  2. Very little of advertisements.
  3. Font size can be increased with just a click on the top right.
  4. We can either have more information or less with the help of a single click.

Though it is covering six major categories of News, Entertainment, Sports, Technology, GoodLife and Enterpreneur, for our purpose, the News, Technology and Sports categories are more than adequate.

Bookmark this site for reference.

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Anonymous said...

awesome website, love the look n feel and clean look and very user friendly....