• Sieger cup
    • It is awarded in the famed contest for German Shepherds (a breed of dog) usually held in Germany.
  • Wine imports outgrow domestic market
    • India’s wine imports are expected to touch 250,000 cases (each containing 12 bottles) of wine. This is larger than the domestic production of 200,000 cases.
  • Oil refineries stop discounts to OMCs (Oil Marketing Companies)
    • On Kerosene and LPG the refiners offer discounts to the OMCs.
    • The oil refiners were forced to offer discounts to the OMCs by the government as the prices were ruling high and it did not want to pass the increase in prices to the consumers.
    • As OMCs were taking a huge hit, they were offered these discounts and also the oil bonds.
    • The discounts offered were at Rs. 240/tonne by the refiners to the OMCs.
    • The discounts will be stopped effective April 1st, 2006. This will shore up profits of the stand alone refiners CPCL (Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd) and MRPL (Mangalore Refinery & Petrolchemicals Ltd).
    • When the crude prices were riding high beyond the $70 mark, as the government was not able to pass on the costs to the consumers, it devised a mechanism whereby the upstream companies, the refineries, OMCs and the government would share the burden of increased costs.
  • New housing policy to have more inclusive approach
    • The government is about to reserve 10 to 15% of the land in all new public and private housing projects to weaker sections of the society. The move is aimed at preventing further proliferation of slums.
  • Daniel Wroughton Craig is the new James Bond. He is a Briton.
    • He is introduced through the movie “Casino Royale”. It was released on November 16, 2006.
    • The character James Bond is a creation of Ian Fleming.
    • The first Bond film – Dr. No. Sean Connery acted in this film as the first James Bond. The first lead Bond girl was Ursula Andress. This was released in the year 1962.
    • The Bond movies are produced by EON Productions.