• Gross refining margins
    • These are essentially the difference between the value of crude oil and the refined petroleum products.
    • For RIL (Reliance Industries Limited), these are very high – at about $15.4 per barrel during the last quarter. In contrast, the regional bench mark – the refining margins in Singapore stood at $9.5 per barrel.
  • India’s tax to GDP ratio
    • It is at around 12 to 13% of the GDP, in contrast with the 22 to 23% ratios seen in the developed countries.
  • Something about Dehra Dun
    • All of you would be dreaming of entering this place sometime soon in your careers. Let’s learn at bit about it from a traveller’s perspective.
    • There is an interesting story about its coming into being:
      • During the reign of Aurangazeb, Ram Rai, Guru of the Udasi Sikhs was ordered to retire to the wilderness. Then he pitched his tents here and also built a temple. Around these two sites, grew up the town popularly known as Dehra. The dun or doon means the low lands at the foot of the mountain range.
    • In addition to the famed Mussorie Academy that you all dream of entering, it also houses a number of other institutions. Take a look at them here.
  • What is ‘Open Source’ software?
    • Many of you would have heard about this. But are you clear what it actually means? It is often mistaken as software that is being given away for free. Well, that is only half of the story. Not all ‘free’ software are ‘open source’. Similarly not all ‘open source’ need be freeware.
    • The basic character of ‘open source’ software is that its code is thrown open to the public. So whoever gets the software also can see the source code and modify/alter/customize it to suit their needs. Not only that, they can even make their modifications as part of the software itself and call it a different ‘distribution’ of the software.
    • Are you able to now see the connect between various ‘distributions’ of Linux software? The core Linux is offered to the world for free by Linuz Torvalds, its creator. A number of individuals and companies have modified the code to make their own different versions of Linux ‘distribution’. That’s how you get to see the Red Hat Linux, Mandrake, Ubuntu Linux etc.
  • Goa is back in political turmoil
    • The ruling government appears to have lost its majority. The BJP now claims that it has the support of about 20 MLAs in the 40 member assembly.
    • Goa had seen about 19 Chief Ministers since 1961. It was granted statehood in 1987.
  • World’s largest wind farm in Texas, US
    • A plant of about 3000 MW size is being built there. It is unique for one more thing. It has the capability to pump air in underground storage, so that it can later be used to generate electricity, when natural wind power is not enough to run the generators.
  • How much do Americans spend on pampering their pets?
    • A whopping $41 bn per year.
    • This amount is more than the GDP of many countries of the world. The GDP of only the top 64 countries of the world is higher than this figure.
  • Director General of BSF
    • Border Security Force: AK Mitra
  • Names of some of the important stock indices of the world
    • China: Shaghai Composite
    • Mexico: Bolsa
    • Brazil: Bovespa
    • Egypt: Hermes
    • South Africa: FTSE Africa
    • Korea: KOSPI
    • Taiwan: TAIEX
    • I am presuming that you know the highly popular indices of US, UK, France, India etc.
  • Geet Sethi
    • Is famous for his 8 World Billiards titles.


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